Minnesota Chiefs of Police Foundation

The health and prosperity of a region and its people is heavily reliant on the safety of its citizens and visitors.  Minnesota has long been ranked among the top states in the country for its quality of life with researchers pointing to low crime rates as a key contributing factor.  When citizens are free from crime they are more likely to live in stable neighborhoods, engage in their communities and contribute to Minnesota’s economic future.

The Minnesota Chiefs of Police Foundation (MCPF) is committed to providing our state and its people with the highest quality police services.  MCPF fulfills this mission by providing local law enforcement leaders in urban, suburban and rural communities with the training, support and guidance they need to become effective and efficient leaders in their communities and police agencies.  The Foundation also supports aspiring police officers through the Wear the Badge education and outreach campaign as well as annual Wear the Badge Scholarships.

Our Mission:
To advance police leadership through partnerships and resources required to address the evolving challenges facing Minnesota’s communities.

Our Purpose:
Advancing police leadership to protect Minnesota’s quality of life.