MCPA launches a new service to better support the health and wellness of the men and women in Minnesota law enforcement

First Call for Help is a Minnesota Chiefs program building a stronger network of wellness resources and support across our state.  Click each tab below to learn more about resources in each area.

physical wellness
mental wellness
spiritual wellness

“We want to be intentional about our work in this area and bring greater consistency to the level of support available to chiefs and their agencies,” says Andy Skoogman, executive director of MCPA.
It can be easy to identify a chaplain or mental health counselor in some areas of Minnesota and an impossible task elsewhere.  Plus the landscape changes frequently as practioneers enter and exit the field.
First Call for Help will work to identify wellness providers who have experience with law enforcement and are willing to make themselves available.
“MCPA does not have the capacity or expertise to build your wellness program. But our work with peer support has taught us we can make stronger connections between municipal law enforcement and local health and wellness providers,” says Skoogman.  “As we make those connections, we hope to truly become your ‘First Call for He